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Team Active8 is a brand new activity concept designed to bring a whole new level of fun and excitement to kids regardless of skill level and organized sports experience.

Throughout the 8-week program, we’ll introduce kids to a series of non-traditional sports, games, and activities that can help young people discover and foster an interest in ongoing physical activity and exercise.

We’re ready to get kids moving with games such as billiard soccer, noodle hockey, scoop ball, kooshapalooza, blind volleyball, goodminton, and more. Every child who participates is sure to be immersed in an exciting hour of high-energy play!

Spots are limited to 40 children in the Fall and Spring sessions so don’t delay if your child is interested. Can’t do TeamActive8 in the Fall? All spots filled? Don’t worry! You’ll be added to the wait list for the Spring session!

Want to learn more about the games we play? Check ’em out below!

  • Exclusive to Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary students!
  • Teaches children how easy it is to stay active without mainstream sports!
  • Shows kids how to use their imagination for non-stop innovative play!
  • Athleticism and experience just won't matter!
  • All participants can win fun and exciting prizes!
  • Healthy snacks provided every week!
  • Children will enjoy a non-pressure environment loaded with fun!
  • Indoor and outdoor activities!
  • Boosts self-confidence, positive identity, and imagination!

Just Some of the Games You'll Play!

Disc Golf

Learn the basics of getting more and more distance and better accuracy with flying discs. Then we’ll take to the field for some fun games, including target practice, frisbee golf, and good ol’ fashioned catch. Every child will go home with their flying disc so they can play on their own or with friends!

Scoop Ball

Enjoy this classic backyard game with the twists and turns we’ve added to help amp up the fun. With these handheld scoops, we’ll throw, catch, and run, mimicking the actions of lacrosse athletes.  It’s a great way to improve reflexes, boost hand-eye coordination, and get an easy introduction to the basics of lacrosse.

Noodle Hockey

Have a blast with this kid-ified version of ice hockey. No skates, sticks, or ice required! Instead, pool noodles are used as hockey sticks, making for an incredibly fun time. With a variety of balls and targets, each with different point values, the object is for teams to score as many goals as possible in each burst of fast-paced games.

Blind Volleyball

Blind volleyball was created to give kids a fun and exciting version of volleyball, with three small changes. First, the volleyball is replaced with a beach ball…actually, two or three beach balls. Second, a sheet is draped over the net so they can’t see any players on the other side. Third, the two teams play together to go for records and achieve challenges. It’s a great way to improve reaction time, reflexes, and position readiness!


Kids love this easy introduction to racquet sports because it delivers great fun and helps improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and control. The birdies in Goodminton are designed to slow as they spin so kids can create magical sport rallies with their teammates. We love watching confidence grow with every game.

Billiard Soccer

Billiard soccer is a twist on traditional soccer. Instead of one soccer ball and two goals, we add 15 soccer balls that look just like billiard balls, like you’d see when playing pool. The object is to work as a team to get all solids or stripes through a series of obstacles with the help of a white “cue ball”. It’s loads of fun and helps build dexterity, ball control, and even some geometry!

Relay Insani-tay

Relay Insani-tay isn’t your typical relay race. It’s a fun and maddening obstacle course and relay race combined into one. Squeaky pogo, eggs ‘n spoons, 3-legged racing, jump rope, tater sack jumps, and much more all await!

Rock 'n Rollerskating

The music will be pumping and wheels will be churnin’! Enjoy an hour of free skate and side games to help build your skills for rollerskating, rollerblading, or even ice skating. You’ll need a bike helmet to participate, but don’t worry, we can provide one if needed!


Destined to be one of our most popular games, Kooshapalooza works on hand-eye coordination, strength control, aiming and adjustment. Custom-made giant slingshots have been built especially for Team Active8 and you’ll be launching squishy Koosh balls at a field full of fun targets, including unicorns, a pineapple, giant bugs, a huge pretzel, pizza, and more. Even a giant avocado! Hit a target, win a prize!

Want to Join Team Active8?

Team Active8 is an incredibly fun, exciting, and rewarding program, but it comes with some expectations. So let’s make sure it’s going to work for you before you jump aboard.

1. You Must Be Able to Attend All 8 Program Dates
The Fall 2018 session starts Tuesday, September 25th and runs every Tuesday through November 13th. If you are in organized sports, after school activities, or other obligations that would keep you from attending each day, you’ll want to wait until the Spring session. If you join, you need to attend!

2. You Must Be Willing to Participate
Team Active8 isn’t your ordinary after school program, nor is it a babysitting service. Instead, it’s a program developed for kids who are eager to be introduced to a whole new level of fun. If signing up for Team Active8, we expect you to be an “active” participant!

3. You Must Behave and Show Good Sportsmanship
The Team Active8 program is designed to take athleticism, experience, and proficiency out of the mix when it comes to sports and activities. Kids will be divided into five teams, with eight children on each team, and they’ll work together, not against each other, to accomplish tasks. Throughout the program, we expect and require good behavior, ongoing encouragement, and a focus on teamwork.

Team Active8 is completely FREE for all participants. Healthy refreshments will also be provided after each program day.

All activities will take place at Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary, either outside or in the gym, depending on weather.

Children who attend ALL 8 sessions will receive a prize basket, a certificate, and have the chance to win bonus raffles.

The program starts on Tuesday, September 25th and runs every Tuesday for 8 weeks. The final program day is Tuesday, November 13th and parents are invited to attend for child demonstrations, awards, and a video recap.

Each program starts when the school day ends and children will assemble in the gym at 3:15. Children will need to be picked up between 5:00 and 5:15. Parents or guardians will need to come to the gym to sign their child out.

The Fall session of Team Active8 is limited to 40 children and spots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Your registration must be submitted to the Elementary School main office and accompany a signed Behavior Contract.

There will be 5 teams, each with 8 children and 2 volunteer team leaders. Team Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple will each be assigned randomly, and children will stay with their teams throughout the program.

Each session will close with a brief discussion about the concepts introduced, what’s coming, how they can apply what they learned at home, and what they liked or didn’t like so the program can be created for kids, by kids.

A private Facebook group will be established so all participants can get updates, see photos, and have access to program information throughout the session. Access will be provided once the program’s roster is full.

Ready to join us? Download your forms here!

Spots are limited! If you miss the cut off for the Fall 2018 session, you will be added to the wait list for the Spring 2018 session.

Who Makes Team Active8 Possible?

Team Active8 is a concept created by Seneca Falls Development Corp Director, Greg Zellers, and fully supported by the SFDC Board of Directors.

After pursuing a grant to help make the program a reality, the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Team Active8 sessions were funded by the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund for Youth Sports via the RACF.

In addition to the generous financial gift via the Rochester Area Community Foundation, Team Active8 is made possible by a number of individuals and organizations. Without them, this pilot program and its potential continuation, just wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this program a reality. Beyond our benefactors and volunteers, we’d like to thank the school administration, the parents who support their children, and the kids themselves.

If you are interested in donating cash or kind to help fund equipment, healthy snacks, rewards, raffle items, or game items, we’d love to hear from you. Please email Greg Zellers at greg@senecafallsdevcorp.org with your stated interest.

We look forward to an amazing first year and are excited to have you with us!

Special Thanks To…

  • Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund for Youth Sports
  • Rochester Area Community Foundation
  • Seneca Falls Development Corp
  • Seneca Falls Central School District
  • Seneca Falls Community Center
  • Mynderse Academy Student Volunteers
  • New Future Associates
  • FLX Creatives

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